About Us

Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd (YHL)(油妖控股公司) is an international holding company with expertise in agricultural/food commodities and futures. Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd formed in 2003 in the capital city of Guangdong province, Guangzhou. Originally focused on brokering the import and export of agricultural goods between Hong Kong and Macau, while leveraging its strategic location on the Pearl River. YHL has since grown into a major international holdings company with reach across China and the world. In 2010, YHL expanded its international reach into the ASX, CMT, JSE, KANEX, MATba, MtGOX, and SICOM commodity exchanges.

Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd believes that profitability within the food staples, commodities and futures markets begins with the producers and remains committed to directly interacting with farmers and manufacturers whenever possible. This helps promote a stable and sustainable community of producers, traders, buyers, and shareholders.

Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd is a believer in returning prosperity to the people of China through the promotion of cultural endeavors within mainland China. YHL also does its part to promote Chinese culture abroad through their ongoing Committee on Cultural Affairs (YHLCCA) and the YHL International Arts Attaché (YHLIAA).